Friday, November 12, 2010

Interview with Twitch Spolenski, Assistant Coach at the Lax Ranch

LAX POOCH:  What made you choose to work with younger players?
TWITCH SPOLENSKI:  Ah, I love working with the junior bros.  It’s important to pass on the spirit of the sport, y’know?  Like, if a little guy has great dodges and corner shots but his flow’s all wrong, he needs someone to help him out, right?  Become the complete player.  And the practices fit my school schedule.
LP:  You’re a student?
TS:  Yeah, part time at the community college.  They have a rockin’ lax scene there.  Like, the pro scouts should be spending time at our practices cuz that’s where the real talent goes after high school.  We don’t get bogged down with all the distractions of a D1 school - spending all your time in the library or whatever.  Sometimes I have to pull a double at the sub shop, but otherwise my time is devoted to the lax life. 
LP:  What are you studying?
TS:  I’m a medical student – well, not, like, that kind; I’m working toward my associates degree in medical technology so I can be a phlebotomist.  Y’know, the guy that takes blood samples and stuff.  Whoa, like a vampire…
LP:  Fans love to hear about equipment, what kind of stick do you use?
TS:  Well, I keep this one by the door, so, like, it’s usually the one I use.  I have some better ones, though.  My favorite, though – ooh, my favorite is this one that was made by Alfie Jacques.  The legend.  That guy makes ‘em out of wood and stuff – yeah, steams the wood and bends it.  Strong.  But, y’know, I met him and, like, when he looks at you, it’s like he knows, right?  He can tell the bros from the posers and, like, he looks straight into your soul and knows, dude.  Yeah.  Alfie.  Anyway, I don’t use it – it’s hanging on the wall but it’s cool.
LP:  So what do you see in the future for lacrosse?
TS:  Girls.  Well, I see girls all the time, y’know?  They dig the lax bros.  But no, I mean girls playing.  I think we’ll have a girls team here this coming season.  Like, the sport is growing really fast for the girls and it's great to see.  Me and some buds were watchin’ the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, y’know?  And there was this underwear model, right?  And she was carrying this girls lacrosse stick and had, like, these kind of shoulder pads and elbow pads, right?  And we were laughin’ cuz girls don’t wear pads but it, like, just occurred to me that what they were really saying is that lacrosse is cool, y’know?  Like, underneath it all, ladies, you’re lacrosse players.  That’s cool.  And hot.
LP:  We’re about out of time.  Anything else you want to mention?
TS:  Naw, we’re good.  I’m proud of my little lax dudes and like working with them.  They're learning a lot at these pre-season tournaments and we'll have a good season.  There were these, like, little sandwich things on the table before.  Any chance of scorin’ a couple more for the drive home?  Mom’ll be working so I’m on my own for dinner.

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