Tuesday, February 1, 2011

11.02.01 Interview with Coach Cavallo

It’s been a busy two months since Eva Cavallo joined the Lax Ranch as the head coach for the girls.  We finally got her to sit down for a few minutes and catch up:
LP:  Eva, your background is amazing – N. Carolina Captain, Team USA starter – what brings you here?
EC:  Well thanks.  I couldn’t have had a better college experience as a player and travelling with the USA squad was amazing.  Wherever we went the audiences were enthusiastic and friendly.  Until we have a professional league for the ladies, though, that’s about as far as the ride goes so I’m here for my graduate studies.
LP:  What are you studying?
EC:  I studied social psych at NC so I’m continuing that with a specialty in education.
LP:  What kind of challenges have you encountered in starting a girls program in an area that’s new to the sport?
EC:  It’s been amazing.  Everything is new so we have the opportunity to start our own traditions and incorporate the latest ideas.  It does take a lot of work, though, to start from scratch like this.  When I was little, I played with the boys until we had a girls team.  I miss the aggressiveness of the boys game but also appreciate the finesse of the girls game.
LP:  So what’s your stance on maintaining the separation between the guys and girls sport?
EC:  I like the fact that the girls game holds to the original sport more than the boys.  In many ways the guys game is lazy – it takes much more focus to catch with no pocket.  At the same time, many girls would be happy to strap on the pads and kick some butt.
LP:  What kind of response have you gotten from the team and community?
EC:  I love the people here – they’ve been very welcoming and supportive.  The coaches understand the importance of having the girls team, the players are thrilled to have an opportunity to play a field sport, and the parents have been fantastic.  People call me “Coach” all over town and I still catch myself looking around to see who they’re talking to.
LP:  It’s still early, but after your preseason games the last few weeks, what expectations have you set for the team?
EC:  We’re going to have a great time.  These girls are tough and competitive so I think they’ll do well but they also like to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.
LP:  And what about you, do you get a social life?
EC:  Oh, I’ll be fine.  I’ve met lots of great people in class and around town - I love the old cinema on the square.  Twitch, the assistant coach for the boys, has been showing me around town and brings me coffee before practice - which is funny because he has trouble riding his scooter and carrying two drinks.  I think he’s hit most every car in the parking lot.  He’s sweet, though.
LP:  Anything else you’d like to finish with?
EC:  I think we hit the important points.  I appreciate the support and look forward to a great season.

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